Since 1995, we have been dishing out epic paintball battles, large and small, to adventure addicts all over South-Eastern Idaho.



Paintball is an action-packed sport where players work together to eliminate opponents by tagging them with water-soluble paintballs. These are shot out of an air-propelled paintball marker. Don't worry, everything is non-toxic and biodegradable. Various paintball game types are played, from capture the flag, war scenarios, or team elimination. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with an unforgettable paintball adventure for individuals or groups alike! We take all of the hassle out of paintball. Just show up, and have a blast. If you have your own supplies, then you are welcome to use them. If not, then we have all of the gear you need.

Crossfire Paintball is a blast! It is very nice to not have to assemble your own group. Just show up and have fun. All of the games are pre-organized, which is nice! Also, renting is super easy.”
— Quinn Turner, Local Paintballer

What We Offer

  • All the equipment you need
  • Multiple private forest game fields
  • Large groups of locals to play with
  • Private party hosting
  • Safety equipment
  • Paintballs and CO2 Fill Station
  • Pre-Planned Games
  • Referees to keep it safe and fun
  • "No-Shoot" zone behind safety netting